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9 Easy Ways to Keep the Kitchen Clean: Tips and Tricks

9 Easy Ways to Keep the Kitchen Clean

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day and having to clean the kitchen. It’s dirty, there are dishes everywhere, and it smells terrible! Luckily, we have 9 easy ways to keep the kitchen clean every day.

We’ve compiled this list of tips and tricks so you can spend less time cleaning your kitchen to have more time for everything else.

Let’s get started!

1. Sweep up crumbs and food particles

Bread crumbs on the table

A damp cloth is all you need to wipe down kitchen surfaces, such as counters or tabletops.

  • It helps to prevent ants from coming into the kitchen.
  • It helps to keep the kitchen looking neat.
  • Keeps your floor clean and tidy.
  • You’ll feel less guilty when you step on a stray crumb in your living room or bedroom.

It’s much easier and cheaper to clean a small spill than it is to clean up after one that has been sitting all day, especially if you have pets or kids in your home.

2. Mop your floors regularly.

Housewife mopping kitchen

Regular mopping will keep your floors clean from dirt and grime. A lot of the dust and other particles that end up on the floor will be lifted along with the water and will leave a cleaner surface.

Additionally, mopping will also help eliminate any potential odors in the house.

Mopping is also an extremely cost-efficient way to clean your home because it’s not as labor-intensive or time-consuming as other cleaning methods. Sprinkle some baking soda down before you vacuum to help eliminate any bacteria that may accumulate on your floor.

Spraying an all-purpose cleaner on the floor can help cut down on odors and germs that may have accumulated in your kitchen since the last time it was mopped or cleaned up.

3. Keep all surfaces clear of clutter

Woman makes cleaning

If you have a cluttered kitchen, it’s going to be hard to find anything.

Plus, dirty dishes will pile up and make your counters seem dirtier than they are because of food particles that fall into the cracks between them.

Keeping surfaces clear will also allow for better airflow in the room, which can help eliminate odors in less time.

Keep all counter space free from clutter so when someone needs to use the sink or cook an item on the stovetop, there is enough room for everyone! There should always be at least one clean surface available if possible- this way, people know where everything goes instead of cluttering more drawers with random items.

4. Store food in containers

Storage containers with fresh food in a fridge

This will help keep the counters clear of clutter and give people a place to put their dishes when they are done eating or cooking to conserve time and effort.

Here are some benefits of storing food in containers:

  • You can see what’s inside and avoid buying more than you need.
  • The containers will come with lids that help keep your surfaces clear of clutter
  • Containers can then be put away neatly in the fridge or cabinets

Plus, storing food with containers instead of plastic bags can save money on cleanup because there is less mess!

Doing this simple step can also help keep the kitchen clean, as it will decrease food particles that may fall on the floor.

5. Keep your refrigerator organized

Female hand taking bottle of milk from a fridge

It’s helpful to keep your fridge organized so you can find what you’re looking for—less time spent searching for food, which means less time cleaning up messes that were made by trying to see it in a cluttered environment.

It can often be done while cooking or prepping food- don’t forget about it!

Helps with meal prep and planning ahead and ensures there is enough space left over when refrigerating perishable items like meat or cheese.

6. Keep the sink clean

Dirty dishes in kitchen sink

It’s not always easy to keep the sink clean- especially when you’re cooking.

If you ever notice anything growing under your faucet, be sure to spray an all-purpose cleaner underneath where it meets the surface so if there are bacteria, they can’t spread out onto other surfaces. You should also try scrubbing them occasionally with baking soda then spraying those areas down again for good measure!

Keep the sink clean by rinsing dishes in a bowl before loading the dishwasher, using an all-purpose cleaner to scrub down your sink and faucet every once in a while.

7. Clean up after yourself

It’s so easy to let dishes pile up and grow mold or bacteria before you get around to cleaning them.

The key is just not letting it happen in the first place- try keeping a set of cutlery ready for when someone finishes their meal, wash dishes as soon as they’re done eating/cooking so that you don’t forget about them later on.

Put away food containers (if applicable) after loading dishwasher; clean off counters with all-purpose cleaner if cooking has been going on there lately, start prepping your next meal and take out any items from the fridge that need to be used. Doing this will help ensure no dirty dishes wait for a company at the end of lunch or dinner.

8. Put away all your cooking utensils

Counter space and cooking utensils in modern kitchen

In the kitchen, it’s very important to keep all your cooking utensils and tools in one place, so you don’t have to search for them.

Keeping these items together not only increases efficiency but also helps prevent things from getting lost or left out when they are needed most!

This is especially true if someone else cooks- as a cook, you’ll want everything at arms reaches so that you can work quickly without having to get up every time something needs to be used. This will make cleanup afterward much easier for guests because there won’t be misplaced items lying around on countertops making extra messes.

9. Use a dish drying rack

Dish rack with clean dry dishes on kitchen counter

A dish drying rack is a cheap and effective way to dry wet plates and bowls. It is also a suitable method for people who don’t have dishwasher dish racks.

Keep your dishware and utensils from getting water spots by using paper towels to dry them off before they are put away!

It’s also useful for people who use drying racks rather than dishwashers, as it will make sure all dishes are dried evenly without streaks.

There are many ways to keep the kitchen clean and tidy so that it doesn’t feel like such a chore. Of course, the more often you do these things – or at least try to be mindful about doing them when you can – the easier it will get over time! If this is still too much for you, we recommend hiring professionals who specialize in kitchen cleaning services.

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