Best Flat Bottom Woks of 2021

We've found 504 Flat Bottom Woks during our research and narrowed down the selection to 5 of the highest quality products we recommend. In addition, our data system analyzer identified and analyzed over 9036 reviews to determine which model Flat Bottom Woks are worth buying. Each product is hand picked by our team of experts through data analysis. If you click through the links we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Best Overall Flat Bottom Wok

Great Features
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Easy handling and storage
  • Ergonomic design of the handle
  • Versatility
  • Best Value for the Money

    Great Features
  • Healthy, No Chemical Coating
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Heat-resistant wooden handle
  • Professional Chefs Choose
  • Best For Frying Dishes

    Great Features
  • Pre-seasoned for immediate use
  • Works on any stovetops
  • Video and written instructions
  • Includes viral take out recipes
  • Best For Large Families

    Great Features
  • Heat-resistant bamboo handle
  • High-domed lid
  • Distributes heat quickly
  • Works on any stove top
  • Best For Traditional Cooks

    Great Features
  • Disperses heat quickly & evenly
  • Large and deep
  • Excellent for stir frying
  • Made of high quality materials

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    Table of Contents

    Flat Bottom Woks Buying Guide

    The best flat bottom wok is an excellent choice for those looking to make perfect fried rice, noodles, and any other dish you can think of! Flat-bottom woks are made with an elevated center that lifts food away from the oil or cooking liquid.

    This allows for much faster evaporation, which in turn helps you achieve a more consistent texture and flavor than what would otherwise be achieved by using a traditional round-bottom wok.

    Here is the list of features to consider when choosing the best flat bottom wok for your kitchen.

    Cooking Surface

    One of the most important things to look for in a pan’s cooking surface.

    A flat-bottom wok with a small diameter will have less material with which to dissipate heat. This means it gets heated up faster and can cool down more quickly as well. And that’s not always preferable, depending on what kind of dish you’re cooking.

    You’ll want to make sure that the pan’s cooking surface is large enough for whatever dish you’re making, but it should also be small enough that it heats up quickly and cools down in a reasonable amount of time.

    This will allow you to cook food evenly without scorching or undercooking certain areas.

    Size and Shape

    Flat-bottom woks come in a variety of sizes. In general, the larger the pan is, the less likely it is that you’ll be heating it to its highest temperature.

    For example, if you’re cooking fried rice, which requires high heat and quick evaporation from exposed surfaces, a 12-inch pan will get too hot and burn specific areas while others remain undercooked.

    A 10-inch pan is less likely to overheat to this extent, but you should still take care when cooking with it.

    The shape of the bottom also affects how likely the pan is to overheat and helps determine how much heating capacity it has. For example, a thicker pan with a smaller diameter will be much more likely to scorch certain areas, while a thinner pan will be better.

    Dishwasher Safe

    The best flat bottom woks are dishwasher safe, which will save you a great deal of effort cleaning.

    Many traditional woks feature nonstick coatings that need to be replaced every few years and can’t simply be thrown in the dishwasher like most cookware.

    This also makes it easier to clean, as you can put it through the dishwasher and then give it a quick wipe with some cooking oil before using it again.

    Durability and Quality of Materials

    The best woks are made from quality materials.

    Many lower-end models use aluminum, which is a poor conductor of heat and cannot be used with induction stoves. Higher-end models will have magnetic steel layers on the bottom that are excellent conductors, capable of being used both indoors and out with either gas or electric stoves.

    Some models also feature a nonstick coating, which makes cleaning more manageable and helps the pan retain its nonstick quality for longer.

    Handle Comfort and Design

    One of the most critical parts of choosing a quality wok is its handle.

    Choosing a model that features an ergonomic design and material that is heat resistant can make cooking much more accessible and will prevent accidents from dropping the pan.

    You should also consider how well the handle grips to your hand and whether or not it’s large enough. It should be small enough for you to grip comfortably but large enough that it won’t slip in moist or greasy conditions.

    As far as design goes, there are different types of wok holes on the handles. A solid handle with a hole at the end is great for hanging up your wok when not in use, while a loop-type handle is great for hanging.

    As a bonus, a wok with a flat bottom can double as a unique serving dish at the table.


    What is a flat-bottom wok?

    A flat bottom wok is a traditional Chinese-style frying pan with a wide surface area and a large amount of cooking space. The flat part of the bottom makes it easier to cook larger quantities of food such as fried rice or stir-fry dishes. It’s also capable of being used on both gas and electric stoves.

    What are the different types of flat bottom pans on the market?

    There are two types of flat bottom woks on the market. The first type features a solid handle without a hole at the end and comes with either a loop or hang design for more accessible storage. This model is best suited to those who want an option that’s comfortable, easy to clean, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

    Do I need to season my pan before use?

    Yes. If you want to keep your pan looking new, you must season before use. Most models come with instructions on how to do this and can be found online.

    How do you clean a nonstick surface properly without scratching it or ruining the coating?

    Since most nonstick surfaces can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher, it’s essential that you clean by hand to avoid damage. Using warm water and perhaps some gentle soap is usually enough to clean nonstick pans without ruining their coating.

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