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Best Microwave Convection Ovens of 2022

We've found 180 Microwave Convection Ovens during our research and narrowed down the selection to 5 of the highest quality products we recommend. In addition, our data system analyzer identified and analyzed over 41249 reviews to determine which model Microwave Convection Ovens are worth buying. Each product is hand picked by our team of experts through data analysis. If you click through the links we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Best Overall Microwave Convection Oven

Great Features
  • Combines microwave and convection
  • Pre-programmed sensor menu
  • Sound on off option
  • One touch popcorn button
  • Best Value for the Money

    Great Features
  • Pre-programmed sensor menu
  • One touch popcorn button
  • 10 power settings and timer
  • Easy-to-read control panel
  • Best For Functionality

    Great Features
  • 3 Appliances in one
  • Total fry 360 technology
  • Combi-speed cooking
  • Sensor cook and reheat
  • Best For Home Cooks

    Great Features
  • Air fryer, oven, microwave mode
  • Smart even cooking power
  • Touch pad control panel
  • Easy clean interior
  • Best For Small Kitchens

    Great Features
  • Small footprint compact size
  • Touch pad LCD control panel
  • 1000w convection heating power
  • Grill mode included

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    Table of Contents

    Microwave Convection Ovens Buying Guide

    Choosing your new microwave convection oven can be a difficult decision. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to determine which one will suit your needs best.

    There are a few factors that you should consider before making your purchase to ensure you are getting the best microwave convection oven for your money.

    Here are some simple tips you can follow to make this process easier for yourself!


    It would help if you always aimed for a microwave with a higher wattage than your current oven. The higher the wattage, the more power it has to cook food quickly and efficiently. The minimum recommended wattage for most microwaves is 600 watts. However, ovens that are sized just right can be purchased in increments of 50 watts, starting at 650 watts up to 1000 watts.

    Wattage will also determine how much cooking capacity your oven has. For example, ranges with a wattage of 650 will measure 1.5 cubic feet, and those with 600 watts will be 1.25 cubic feet.

    Design and Features

    There are several features you should look for in a microwave convection oven when it comes to design. For example, having twist knobs that rotate with ease is essential because they give the user effortless cooking times. You also want your new microwave to have either end-mounted controls or bottom-mounted controls, depending on where your existing outlet is located.

    It’s essential to find an oven that has a sleek design because some microwaves can be quite bulky due to the internal components. A lighted display panel is also lovely as it makes it easier to read and see your cooking time and temperature selection.

    Cooking Capacity

    Find one with a cooking capacity of at least 0.5 cubic feet to ensure there is enough room to fit all of your dishes and pans.

    A microwave convection oven with a cooking capacity of at least one cubic foot will also help you cook larger dishes and bake goods such as homemade pizzas, cookies, and cakes.

    Features you should look for in a convection oven include even cooking, dehydrate, broil and defrost options that allow you to achieve high-quality results.


    Be sure to find one that is priced just right for your budget. For example, microwave ovens with low wattage will typically be cheaper than those with higher wattage. However, you also don’t want one with too many bells and whistles as they can drive up the price and decrease cooking efficiency over time.

    Features and Functions

    A microwave convection oven is simply a combination of your regular microwave and an oven. It works by microwaving your food to cook it while also applying heat like an oven. This will help you save time, energy, and money over the long term as the two appliances will do half of the work for you.

    This combination appliance also saves you time and energy as it will not need to be turned on individually. In addition, the oven portion of the microwave convection oven can bake cookies, bake homemade pizzas, and even roast meats and vegetables. This means you won’t have to wait until it cools down before using your regular oven!


    Some ovens come with accessories such as a baking pan, broil rack, and a drip tray. These typically have to be purchased separately when purchasing a new oven so keep in mind that these costs can add up over time if you don’t already own them.

    For example, not all microwaves will come with a baking pan. Therefore, if you plan to use the oven to make cakes and other baked goods, you will likely need to invest in one before purchasing. This is especially true if your old microwave did not come with an accessory like this.


    Which brand is best for a convection microwave oven?

    Often, when it comes to electronic appliances, you get what you pay for. That being said, many less expensive brands are of good quality. Hence, it’s essential to do your research in advance to find the best value for money, given your individual needs and preferences.

    Do microwaves with convection ovens work well?

    Microwaves with convection ovens tend to work very well, provided that you have the correct wattage. Always do your research before purchasing to ensure you are getting more value for money.

    What are the pros and cons of convection microwave ovens?

    Pros include saving time, energy, and money over the long term by cooking dishes quicker. It also saves you the hassle of having to turn on your oven afterward as it can be used straight away.
    Cons include the possibility that some parts may wear out over time, depending on how often you use them. Be sure to read online product reviews to see what other customers are saying about the durability of convection ovens before purchasing.

    Can I use a convection oven to reheat food?

    Yes! Convection ovens are specifically designed to reheat food quickly and efficiently. Just be sure to use a lower setting than you would typically set your regular oven as microwaves tend to burn or dry out food if left on for too long.

    Why can’t you use aluminum foil in a convection oven?

    The aluminum foil blocks the microwaves as they cannot pass through them quickly. This results in a weak microwave that doesn’t cook your food as well as it should be cooked. The aluminum can even cause tiny sparks to fly out of your oven, which means you won’t want to put the foil too close to the sides of the door.

    How to clean the microwave oven?

    Microwaves are very easy to clean. Most can be cleaned with a paper towel, but if you wish to use soap and water, never use it when the microwave is turned on, which could lead to injury. Instead, please turn it off for 30 minutes before cleaning to prevent any accidents.

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