Best Smart Coffee Makers of 2021

We've found 2944 Smart Coffee Makers during our research and narrowed down the selection to 5 of the highest quality products we recommend. In addition, our data system analyzer identified and analyzed over 6449 reviews to determine which model Smart Coffee Makers are worth buying. Each product is hand picked by our team of experts through data analysis. If you click through the links we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Best Overall Smart Coffee Maker

Great Features
  • 1.5L Large Capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • With 3 strength control settings
  • Automatic start function
  • Best Value for the Money

    Great Features
  • Works with Alexa
  • 12 Cup Capacity
  • Automatic shut off after 2 hours
  • Drip-free pour spout
  • Best For Large Families

    Great Features
  • 1.5L Large Capacity Water Tank
  • Automatic start function
  • With 3 strength control settings
  • Built-In Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Best For K Cup Pods

    Great Features
  • Black stainless steel metal wrap
  • 5 Brew sizes: 4,6, 8, 10 and 12 oz
  • Choose the perfect temperature
  • Dial your brew strength
  • Best For Compact Size

    Great Features
  • 10 Cup capacity
  • Multiple Brew Strength
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Reusable Coffee Filter

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    Table of Contents

    Smart Coffee Makers Buying Guide

    The best coffee maker for you might not be the best coffee maker for someone else. This is because there are so many different types of coffee makers out there, making it difficult to find one that suits your needs.

    If you’re looking for an app-controlled machine with a built-in grinder and single cup or carafe brew sizes, then you should know what features matter most to you before making your purchase. There are also other things to consider, like whether it uses pods, capsules, or ground beans.

    The buying guide will discuss what features you should look for when choosing the best smart coffee makers.

    Smartphone Control

    If you don’t want to get up from your bed to brew coffee, you might be interested in our first feature: the smartphone app-controlled function. All of the top choices are controlled with a free downloadable app that can control different settings for each machine. Of course, the best use case for this feature is the scheduling feature, which allows you to schedule coffee before you go to bed. This is great because it ensures that your morning coffee will be ready when you need it most.

    Other app-controlled functions like the water level settings, machine status, and cleaning alerts are also beneficial. These features allow you effortlessly set how much water goes into each cup of brewed coffee, letting you customize the flavor to your taste. You will also know when to clean or descale your machine, as well as all of the alerts for maintenance and refill reminders.

    Built-in functions

    Some coffee makers will have specific functions inside of the machine that other brands’ devices won’t. This includes grinders, pre-infusion systems, frothers, and more.

    A grinder is located within the coffee maker itself to help you fresh grind your beans every morning. If you don’t want to use a pre-ground, you can use new grind your beans for hours of flavorful coffee.

    A pre-infusion system will wet the coffee grounds before brewing starts, allowing them to expand and bloom for a better outflow. A frother will enable you to steam milk for cappuccinos and lattes without an external frother or appliance. You can also make your cold brew with the same machine.

    These built-in features help make specialty coffee drinks without any extra steps or appliances.

    Brew Sizes

    The best coffee makers will have different brew sizes available depending on the number of people you are brewing for. These machines usually allow anywhere from one cup to 12 cups in one sitting. The best coffee makers will let you brew single cups or carafes and will enable you to choose how strong you want your coffee to be. For example, if you enjoy a stronger coffee in the morning, you can turn the setting to a higher number. Likewise, if you want a lighter brew, then you can reduce the setting.

    Some of these machines also have different types of brewing methods available. For instance, if you prefer espresso over brewed coffee, some brands will offer espressos and standard drip coffee brewing.

    Brewing Methods

    The best brands will also offer different brewing methods to give you the best flavors for your coffee, including espresso, cappuccino, and more. Some machines even brew specialty drinks like K-Cup pods and ground coffee.

    If you want a traditional cup of brewed drip coffee, you will want to look for an integrated bean grinder machine. These machines typically use ground beans, but some brands allow you to use K-Cups as well.

    If you prefer espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, we recommend investing in a machine with an internal frother. This device is similar to a French Press. You will place your milk inside of the frother and press down the plunger. The machine will then heat up and steam the milk, allowing you to make delicious specialty drinks.


    Do they make a WiFi coffee maker?

    Yes, some brands offer WiFi coffee makers. You can control them with your smartphone or tablet through the downloadable app.

    Is there a coffee maker that works with an app?

    Yes, some brands offer coffee makers that work with an app. The best models use WiFi connectivity so you can control it from your smartphone or tablet.

    How does a smart coffee machine work?

    These machines typically use WiFi connectivity to work with your smartphone or tablet. You can then control the machine from your device as well as several functions on the machine itself.

    Will a smart coffee maker turn on automatically?

    Some brands offer this function, but others do not. If you want an app-connected machine that turns on when you are away, we recommend looking for one with this feature.

    Will my coffee maker work with a smart plug?

    Yes, some brands offer the option to use a smart plug with their machines. This allows you to control your coffee maker from your smartphone or tablet remotely.

    Which coffee machine works with Alexa?

    Yes, some brands offer coffee makers that are compatible with Alexa. This means you can control the machine through voice commands.

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