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Electric Steamer vs Stove Top: Which is Better?

Electric Steamer vs Stove Top

The convenience and quality of an electric steamer make them a better choice for most people, but if you want to save money and limit your need for appliances in your small kitchen you can go for a conventional stainless steel basket steamer. Let’s find out the difference between an electric steamer vs stove top steamer.

What is a food steamer?

A food steamer is a kitchen appliance that is used when you want to cook food without using fat and oil. Electric steamer uses hot water under pressure to instantly steam heat vegetables, fish, rice or any other foods you want to eat quickly and without the calories in oil.

For those of us who are health conscious or who like the taste of the food’s natural flavor, steaming is much better than boiling. Electric steamers are so easy to use that you can prepare healthy and delicious meals in no time at all.

Lets see the differences between electric steamer vs stove top steamers.

Electric Food Steamers

Cuisinart Cookfresh Digital Glass Steamer
Credit: Cuisinart

Electric steamers are typically less expensive and require less maintenance than stove top steamers, but stove top steamers take up less space in your kitchen. They leave no mess or worries about a pot boiling over on the stovetop, but they can’t be used while you’re out of the house.

As long as you have a place to keep it plugged in, an electric steamer will work with any type of pan or pot, so it’s a great choice for anyone who has limited kitchen space.

Electric food steamer provide higher quality results because the boiling water heats the pot itself.

Additionally, they are also much safer than stove top steamers. If you want to throw a pot of boiling water on the stove and walk away, there is a chance it may burn out.

Stove Top Food Steamers

ProCook Stainless Steel Food Steamer
Credit: ProCook

If you are on a tight budget, a stove-top steamer can be an affordable way to steam food. These pots look similar to regular pots and are usually made of stainless steel with a terra cotta or glass lid.

They contain stacking sections that allow the food to be steamed in the little pot and kept warm or cooked for a longer time on top of the larger pot. One advantage is that you can change out the pots with other cookware, so if something burns you can still use it for cooking.

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Tips

1. To keep vegetables crisp, steam in small batches or with an immersion blender or potato masher during the steaming process.

2. Use a rimmed baking sheet under the basket to catch any drips and to raise it up for easier serving.

3. Cook your entire meal in a single pot on top of the stove by steaming the main dish in a basket placed in a pot of boiling water.

How long does it take to steam food in a steamer?

Preparing fish can take 10 minutes, while vegetables usually only take a minute or two.Steamed vegetables change colours when cooked.

Vegetables are even more delectable when you reduce the amount of time it takes to cook them. But in order for this process to be completed, food must be steamed evenly with an ample amount of juice.

The cooking process shouldn’t exceed 10-5 hours on average or the veggies may turn out a little less palatable.


Do electric food steamers create a mess?

They don’t create any mess, but the pans used in stove top steamers will have to be cleaned. They are also very easy to use because you can just press a button and then forget about them for a while until you’re ready to eat.

Why use an Electric Food Steamer?

Electric steamer simply makes your work easy. Electric food steamers can be brought from the market with affordable price and easily operate. These are smaller in size so it consumes less space than other appliances.

What is the advantage of Electric Food Steamer over stove top steamer?

Biggest advantage of Electric Steamers is that they’re easier to use and clean after cooking, portable and electric powered so you don’t have to worry about the gas running out.

Are Electric Steamers more expensive than stove top steamers?

They may be more expensive than stove top steamers, however Electric Steamers are still the better choice.

Are electric steamers economical?

Electric steamers are considered as economical considering they save you money on fuel and time. They only require a small amount of electricity to function. They also make your kitchen more organized because all the pans can be used in one place at one time.

What can you cook in a steamer?

Steamers can be used to cook vegetables, seafood and meat. Electric food steamers can also be used for cooking a variety of other foods such as soups, stews and casseroles. Electric steamer ovens are specially designed for use in preparing popular Asian dishes such as Chinese dim sum and rice noodle rolls. They are usually placed inside steamer basket made with bamboo.

Conclusion – Electric or stovetop?

When comparing electric food steamers vs. stove top steamers, it’s hard to find a “best” option because they both have their pros and cons. They are easy to use and will save you time, but they take up space and cost more money.

Stove-top steamers are an affordable option, but electric food steamers do a better job at steaming food because they have more functions. They also allow the you to heat meals while away by setting a timer.

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